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The review that convinced me to read this book was titled "Yes, Tommy Orange's New Novel Really is That Good." And it is: tremendously beautiful and sad without being oversentimental, angry, edgy, fun


ny, true. This book is about Urban Indians, the struggles of a "present-tense people," the ravages of drug and alcohol abuse, gun violence, family, friendship. It feels so unbelievably real in a way that real life sometimes doesn't quite manage.
This is an amazing debut novel. Orange’s writing very quietly devastated me over the course of 300 pages. A beautiful non-linear novel told through a cast of characters struggling with identity, what it means to “be” Indian, what it means to be an urban Indian, family, legacy, faith, and substance abuse. The book culminates in an act of violence foreshadowed over the course of the narrative.

An instant, necessary classic of 21st century literature.
This was a painful, but compelling read for me to see a window into the world of the Native American through several characters who are woven beautifully together over the course of the book. The prose had an intensity of emotion that sucker punched me numerous times with raw feelings of guilt, shame and deep empathy for folks who have experienced so many layers of loss. AMAZING writing for a debut novel. Glad I endured the discomfort and hope that I am better for creating a seed of understanding I wish to nurture about Native American Indians

There There
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Guest 10 days ago

Is it bad that I give everthing a 10/10 unless it is terrible! I gave this book a 2/10. Cause it was horrific!

Guest 17 days ago

greetings. i am from the planet nFVRTGBHJ7NM8UKI8U76 to bring you a review of this fine piece of knowledge. good book. good book.

Guest 3 months ago

I loved this story. Informative, heart-wrenching, beautiful. I was a bit disappointed with the ending but even that is beautiful in that it allows you to chose your own ending.

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