The Ship of the Dead (2017)

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I'm so excited to read this next year! I've already seen how "Hammer of Thor" ends because I happened to look at the last page, and in really excited of the direction Uncle Rick is taking this series.


And I'm also looking forward to it because I love Rick Riordan's writing and will read anything he puts out.
I just finished Book 2 (Hammer of Thor) in one sitting last night. Maybe a bad idea in retrospect, but after about 5 or so hours of inappropriate squealing every time two certain characters interacted, I think it's time a little #Blitzstone became canon in this book...

Uncle Rick, don't let 98% of the Magnus Chase fandom down
Seeing that the names for the first two books are objects/weapons in Norse Mythology I wonder what would be the name for this one so I'm going to put some of them:

·Svalin: Shield that protected Sol in the chariot from the sun.
·Laevateinn: Loki’s magic sword.
·Hofund: Sword of the god Heimdall.
·Gungnir: Odin's magical spear.
·Hringhorni: Longship of the god Balder.

The Ship of the Dead
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Guest 3 months ago

This is pretty dope, big fan of Rick Riordan, this series has been super fun.

Guest 4 months ago

This is one of my favorite series yet, other than “The Heroes of Olympus.”I need a series when “Jason Grace” is THE main character. Mostly because he’s my personal favorite. And because there is a an entire series just for Percy. (Just so u know I’m only 10) I also need the last book of the series “Leven Thumps.”

Guest 4 months ago

I don’t understand why it’s Fierrochase and not Malex (why do I need to have at least 100 characters to post a comment?)

Guest a month ago

because then it would sound like a ship from another series that is similar it would be very confusing.

Guest 5 months ago

Not a great series. These books are just a bad knockoff of Percy Jackson and the Kane Chronicles-only with no realism and fairly bad characters. Gods wouldn't allow you to worship another god if you knew they were alive. Plus, if you knew where you would go in the afterlife, then you definitely wouldn't worship a god that is not a part of it. Also, between Sam and Alex being Islamic and gender-fluid, this series seems to be trying to be more of a social justice warrior than a series of anything else. Overall, this was the only Riordan series I disliked. It wasn't terrible, but far from the levels of his previous works.

Guest 4 months ago

try writing one . come on man this books rocks, its ok to have diff opinion but think about the way the author thought . its great .

Guest 5 months ago

I see where you coming from, and I'm gay. This books do seem to try to push acceptance just a little to much to make them realistic.

Guest 6 months ago

pretty dank
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