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crystalramsumair says:
Es el Primer libro que leo de Joe Hill,es bueno pero no tan bueno como los demás dicen,una historia que te atrapa desde el principio,con un asesino en serie poco común y una prot
...agonista que parece una antiheroe y una trama paranormal bien creada,pero no se porque,el libro se vuelve en algunos momentos bastante pesado ya que la historia no avanza y en cambio es bastante repetitiva,donde a veces la protagonista me desesperaba con su carácter,me parece que el libro es bastante largo para lo que deveria ser,este libro para mi si fuera de unas 500 hojas estaría excelente,aun así el libro me gusto.MoreLess
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Guest 2 months ago

Outstanding! Great ideas within ideas. Original too. Not your average vampire book, if you can even call it that. I read quite a bit and found I had a hard time putting this one down even to sleep or prepare meals. Characters were very well developed. Everyone can see themselves as someone or someone they know in this book. We all just want that perfection we see on television. Be careful what you wish for.

Guest 3 months ago

by far one of the best books ive read in my time. had me hooked throughout the entire thing. It can be confusing with all the perspective changes but other than that 10/10

Guest 4 months ago

This book was a great read. I was sorry when it was over. 10/10 Lots of twists and turns and you really come to love the characters.

Guest a year ago

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Guest a year ago

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Guest a year ago

Really worth the read. I saw a lot of myself in Vic. I can't remember the last time I read a book so fast. Was truly sorry when it was over. I don't usually read books again. But this is different. I thoroughly enjoyed the ride. 10/10
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