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A new store opens in a small town and soon the excrement hits the cooling device. There you go, the book premise in one sentence.

Ironically, the book goes into great detail as to all of the individ


ual residents of the town of Castle Rock (home of the memorable know...that friendly neighborhood dog).
But the main character is Leland Gaunt and we know less about him then we do anybody else, but he is the most interesting character present. I guess that's the appeal of mystery, because I kept reading hoping to hear his story. In the end, we are left only with the knowledge that he is an incredulous man with a very morbid sense of humor.

This book was just as funny as it was disturbing. As always, King's detailed story telling captures an entire town and all of its residents. It wasn't my favorite King book, but I'm glad I read it and yes, I would recommend it.

Side note: The scene with Polly and the spider

Needful Things
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Oldbooksmell 6 months ago

Lot's of spelling mistakes. First time using this site. Could add page numbers and possibly a bookmark option. Kind of annoying having to scroll through all the pages to find my spot. Awesome book as per usual with Stephen King. Never disappoints. Could be nice to maybe have a report or edit button for all the mistake found while reading...

Guest 8 months ago

whaddup it sensei sam

Guest 8 months ago


Guest 10 months ago


Guest 10 months ago

i love this book
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