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Layna says:
While I enjoy Stephen King's work, I have found that over the years, his newer material was just not quite as appealing as his old. They were either too long winded or contained somewhat s
...hallow protagonists. This book, however seemed to be the right length and introduced me to grown-up Daniel Torrence. While the plot was a bit predictable (I would have rated this book four and a half stars for that reason, but felt it closer to five than four), I absolutely fell in love with the way Dan was fleshed out. His alcoholism and struggles captivated me. I became Dan as I was reading, feeling his longing & fears. Bravo. I haven't felt so attached to a character since the days of Stu Redman or the Gunslinger from the earlier books. MoreLess
Doctor Sleep
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Guest 2 months ago

Awe hell naw. Where's the rest? I don't see any more pages in this book besides the cover. That's kinda not nice.

rbrooks4625 8 months ago

not really

Guest 9 months ago

Terrible book

Guest 6 months ago

Love all his books.Because 1 bad review will not change my mind!!!Worried

Guest 6 months ago

thanks, einstein. really insightful. ass.

Guest 11 months ago

i like it but a doctor that slepes that is dumb

Guest 5 months ago

you're dumb if you think this is about a doctor that sleeps! LOL

IDuubzTV 8 months ago

Grammer error

Guest 11 months ago

Doesn't open....?
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